Why do so many therapists want to map out their clients’ therapy sessions.

eyes and mapWhy do so many therapists want to map out their clients’ therapy sessions. Everything their client says they try and fit into some behavioural pattern that they have studied on a course or read in a book. Can we put people into groups like this or should we look at our clients through eyes that allow for their individuality to shine through?

Thinking that we know what’s best for our client because we are the therapist and the clients’ behavioural patterns fit into some group is like playing God. It assumes that we know what the client needs. We should work on the clients’ issue with them not for them.

Furthermore, and most importantly, we don’t do the healing. We play a part in the recovery process but we are not solely responsible for the client letting go off an issue. The client doesn’t recover because we read something in a training manual and then applied it to them – there is so much more to it than that. So, we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back and tell the client as they are leaving, that if they need us again we will be glad to heal another of their issues for them.

I know that many people reading this article are therapists and will either agree or disagree with what I’ve written here. I’ll say one more thing, we can study for twenty years but we will still never know our clients as much as they know themselves.

Maybe, next time we work with a client in a therapy session, we should let them lead and tell us how they feel and in turn, we should follow them.

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