Wake Up! The Events In Your Life Are Trying To Tell You Something

wake upMost of us feel like victims of something or someone. Are we really victims of ourselves?

What we see in our world is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. When we become emotional about an event something similar must have happened to us or we wouldn’t know how that event ‘feels’.

Our belief systems go back a long way. Not just this lifetime. Beliefs are passed down to us ancestrally (if that’s a word!). Billions upon billions of memories forming belief after belief. We can’t possibly know why we do the things we do or think the way we think.

The world is like a magnet, we attract to us similar situations based on what we believe (consciously and subconsciously).  Therefore, it stands to reason that if we take responsibility for the events in our lives we will hear the messages they bring and not shoot the messenger as we so often do with our tantrums and blame games and general feelings of unworthiness.

We cause events to happen so when they do it’s no point turning around and blaming others. People we meet, just like seemingly unconnected accidents are pawns in our own internal game. When we begin to understand that the buck always stops with us we can begin to do something about it.



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