To Let Go Of An Issue Work On Yourself Daily

working on yourselfA good therapist can be invaluable but is not the reason a client lets go of their issue.

The client has to work on their issue every day for it to go away. This is a bit of a revolutionary statement for some people. To let go of an issue the client has to work on their issue over a sustained period of time.

Many people expect to go and see a therapist or counsellor a few times and then, because they are in the hands of a professional, to let go of a deep-seated issue. It takes more than a once a week fix.

Getting your life back on track should be seen as a collaborative effort not something you can put on the back burner until your next visit to your therapist.

These days with the emergence of energy therapies like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting and The Healing Codes, the days of the psychotherapist or counsellor as the only option are, thank goodness, coming to an end. Yet people still would put their faith in someone who has studied for many years and passed the required examinations in order to reach an elevated status. Therapy isn’t about how many qualifications someone has or how many years they may have studied. In fact, it’s about the very opposite – a therapists part is to get themselves out of the way and let the client reveal how they really feel.

We make healing too complicated. It isn’t, it’s about allowing the client to experience the stress from the issue they want to work on. Using energy therapy techniques takes the brain out of the equation. The heart knows energy therapy allows us to work from the heart and heal.

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