The Healing Codes

healing code photoLike many therapists, I’m often searching for ways to improve the therapy I offer. I went to an amazing workshop in Brighton, UK recently that seemed very much in line with my own philosophy about healing.

The workshop was given by a wonderful couple named Jack and Anne Stewart and concerned a fast growing healing modality called The Healing Codes (Jack and Anne’s videos can be found on Youtube). The Healing Codes offer a four step approach:

1. Focus on an issue and what stress level that issue causes in the body.
2. Make the healing bigger – in this case a prayer that the healing will be 100 times as strong.
3. Energy points – There are 4 Healing Codes energy points located around the head. These are held for 30 seconds at a time, about 2 inches away from the body in the body’s energy field.
4. Mentally let go of the issue and focus on unconditional love. This can be a memory, a picture or a person, in fact, anyone or anything that brings up feelings of deep love.

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I believe, having tried this so many times, that you can’t heal deep issues by surrounding yourself with love. We need to feel stress and then try and heal that particular stress with universal love.

We live in an energetic universe, Einstein confirmed many years ago that we are made up of energy and that energy is vibrating at different frequencies and this is what makes a chair a chair, or a cat a cat.

A radio can pick up different radio stations by tuning in to another frequency. What if we can do the same with our energy bodies? Turning the dial to a certain frequency would be like locating where we feel stress from an issue in our body.

Once we have ‘tuned in’ to the issue we can tell the universe we require healing, we want to change channel – radio depression or whatever we are tuned to doesn’t stand a chance.

Have you ever gone to a party when you are feeling down and everyone else is having a great time? Or walked into a yoga class when you have something on your mind that you can’t shake off? You may tell yourself you’re having a good but until you do something about how you feel you can’t enjoy yourself. This is why ‘throwing’ universal love at yourself is not going to heal you until you’ve got rid of the stress you are carrying around.

The co-creator of the book, The Healing Code is a man named Ben Johnson. Ben Johnson is a doctor who spent decades working with cancer patients. He went to see his own doctor complaining of certain symptoms in his body. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease which is known to be incurable. He stated that it was a worse diagnosis than cancer. People can recover from cancer, from his research no one has ever recovered Lou Gehrig’s disease. After using The Healing Codes for two months, six minutes per day, Dr Johnson went back to his doctor who declared him symptom-free.

The Healing Codes work on any symptom or issue and, as I have been finding out, can give immediate relief. It works on cellular memories – the well documented notion that we get trauma from our environment and have inherited trauma from our parents.

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