testimonial animated“The EFT sessions I received really improved my self-esteem. I hardly recognise the person I was before I started the sessions. I felt inadequate and under confident from a young age. We traced the feelings I felt back to past events and went into those events. I released a lot emotion and don’t feel the same about those events anymore, they no longer bother me. Thank you, and to anyone out there who isn’t sure, try EFT!!”
Jane, Hove

“I lived half a life until I began receiving EFT sessions. I had at least eight sessions which I’m told is quite a lot but what those sessions gave me I can’t describe in words. I have a history of abuse and felt like a victim for most of my life.

I had been in counselling and psychotherapy on and off for twelve years and it took me so far. The sessions I received were sometimes good, sometimes bad. EFT allowed me to go deeper, when I left the EFT sessions I didn’t feel down like I often did after the counselling sessions. Using EFT I felt like real progress was made in such a relatively short time.

The thing is, using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting (which was wonderful) allowed the younger me to finally escape my abuse nightmare. To be able to go into the abusive memories and find that they really didn’t bother me anymore was amazing.

Thank you so much, you have brought a new perspective to my life. I sleep better at night and I’m more assertive with others when I need to be.” Lorna, Hove  

“I had an addiction for most of my life that gave me comfort in times of anxiety. I tried many times to eradicate it and it was very frustrating because nothing worked until I found EFT. I used EFT at the peak moment of anxiety and focused on the feelings in my body. Then suddenly I felt a physical sensation, like a wave of energy coming over me and then the anxiety stopped. In that moment I felt I no longer needed the addiction and it has been that way since and for the last six years (as I write this).The whole process took ten minutes and it took away something I had suffered from for thirty years.”
Olga, Brighton  

“I had a cold – a blocked nose and ‘fog’ in my head. I started using EFT and at first felt a little worse, tension in my shoulders and neck as if there was some kind of blockage there. So, I tapped on the blockage and then to my surprise the blockage dissolved, my blocked nose and the fog cleared and my mood dramatically changed for the better. I was pleased because I was able to go to work and I hadn’t used drugs to alleviate my symptoms.”
Alison, Brighton

“I suffered abuse when I was eleven years old. I received many forms of therapy and they helped a little. I found the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting helpful because I was able to go right to the core issue that led to the trauma I experienced. I was then able to go ‘into’ the event and let it go.”
Polina, North London