People Push Our Buttons Because We Show Them Where To Push

pushing our buttonsWhen we live with someone it’s inevitable that our buttons get pushed. Is it always the other person’s fault though?

We may blame our partner for causing a problem that seemingly wasn’t there before. How many times have you heard someone say that their partner was different when they first met.

For someone to be able to push our buttons those buttons must have already been there – they didn’t just appear when that person came along.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Have you noticed that whenever there’s a problem you’re there? Unresolved trauma and painful memories replay in our subconscious mind. They stalk us. They are projected out into the events in our lives and we are the projectionist.

Blaming others is never the answer. We dig ourselves deeper into our trench of misery, while causing resentment in the person we blame. They pushed our buttons because we put their fingers on them. We needed to. There’s no escape from unresolved trauma, so other people need to play out scenarios that cause the negative emotion we need to work on. We lead the dance.

Is it time you recognised that those you blame are actually doing you a favour?

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