Emotrance (Emotional Transformation)

emotrance imageEmotrance Restores The Body’s Natural Equilibrium

According to Dr Silvia Hartmann the creator of Emotrance, “All emotions are movements in the energy body.” Emotions are our feedback system if we experience negative emotion we can point to the place we feel that negative emotion in our body.

If we go to the place we feel the negative emotion and allow ourselves to rest there for a while then take a few deep breaths we will notice the emotional energy begin to change.

The energy will want to move and flow, so we just let it flow – to wherever it wants to go. We can take more deep breaths and move our bodies and just let the energy flow out. It may want to go out of your head, your arms, your legs, wherever the energy wants to go just let it.

Once you feel the energy has ‘flowed out’ then think of an issue that would usually bring up the original emotion. How does it feel now? Does it feel different? Does the issue bother you anymore?

Emotrance is a wonderful technique that allows us to restore the body’s natural equilibrium. We can let go of emotional stress using this technique.