EFT – Healing From The Heart

what is eft imageI heard someone mention the other day that a psychotherapist they knew was a good therapist because of the knowledge they have. They felt as if they were being treated by a true professional. It can be reassuring to know that the person treating you has an in-depth knowledge of the field they are working in. When it comes to healing however, we heal from the heart not the head.

When someone comes for an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session our knowledge of them is close to zero. We don’t know them very well (unless they’re a friend), we haven’t lived their life and we know nothing about how they think or feel. In fact, when we begin to equate our own life experiences or knowledge to their problems we become unstuck.

Of course, it helps to have an EFT background, and many EFTers I know have an amazing wealth of knowledge, yet all the knowledge in the world won’t make someone heal, because we don’t do the healing. We offer feedback as we work with the client. The Universe heals. We open ourselves up as best we can to the healing, and this where too much knowledge or too much thinking can become a hindrance.

The reason I love EFT is because we learn to use our hearts instead of our heads – to truly listen and offer guidance, as feedback, when required. We don’t sit there, listen to the client as we write, then prescribe. We stay open. When we do this we can see the person before us begin to change in front of our very eyes.

The true meaning of healing is to know that we can heal of ourselves of anything. When our client releases their pain or trauma it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. It’s being able to sit back and say ‘this person received healing and I felt that too’.

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