EFT Can Be Used At Home Between Therapy Sessions

If you are looking for a really effective therapy tool that you can use yourself then look no further.

Energy therapies like EFT or The Healing Codes can be used between therapy sessions at home.

There are no maps, complicated words or years of study. In fact, this would be a hindrance rather than a help.

You can simply ask yourself where you feel stress and what that stress is like, e.g anger, sadness, guilt, then use EFT or The Healing Codes begin to release the trauma.

You will probably be able to locate the emotion in your body. You can use words like ‘this anger in my chest’ or ‘this sadness in my heart’.

Once unwanted emotion has been released you can go deeper.

When we act in accordance to the principles of evolution, as well as the laws of the universe, we atune ourselves to any healing that may take place.

For more information about EFT or The Healing Codes visit: www.alternative2counselling.co.uk

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