Delayed Reaction After EFT Session

The other day I worked with a client from Brighton named Ann (not real name). During our EFT  and Healing Codes session Ann appeared quite sceptical throughout, which was no surprise. She told me she had tried ‘everything’ over the years and nothing had worked. Her illness was quite a serious one. She was on high strength antidepressants which she said helped to numb her feelings. As we worked there seemed to be little progress being made.

Ann left quite tired, which she said was a normal thing for her – she told me that she spent much her days in bed. I felt as if the EFT and Healing Codes had helped on some level but wished there had been more obvious signs of it working.

Ann had come for an EFT session on the recommendation of a friend of mine, Jane, who gave Ann regular massage and reiki treatments. The treatments had helped Ann to relax. When Jane turned up for their next treatment she noticed a big change in Ann, who told her that the only thing she had done differently that week was to receive the EFT session. Jane felt sure that it must have been the EFT and Healing Codes that had caused the change.

When I saw Jane again and she told me what had happened I must admit I was surprised but also understood more the concept of delayed healing. Sometimes healing can come days or weeks after a treatment.

It also shows that when we work energetically we work at the very core of our being and both EFT and The Healing Codes allow us to work in this way.

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