Confidence Building and Assertiveness

cat-lion fullOur outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Certain relationships stir up emotions within us. By working on our negative emotions and gently letting them go our relationships change and we move out of the victim state.

We offer effective tools and support that will empower you. These include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping, The Healing Codes, Ho’oponopono and assertiveness techniques.

Having offered Confidence Building and Assertiveness courses in Brighton and Hove I felt the need for a more personal and holistic approach. I now offer affordable one to one sessions from my practice here in Brighton or from Revitalise in the city centre.

How assertive are you? Take the test. We will help you to move from feelings of powerlessness ( or feeling like a victim) to finding the adult you – the one that allows you to take control of your life and make decisions that nurture you.

We believe that you don’t have to spend years in therapy to become more confident. If you are ready to work on whatever is holding you back then you are ready to let of the issues and destructive memories that lead to stress and may eventually lead to illness. We work together to find positive solutions that allow for a healthier perspective. Top ten assertive rights

There are three general types of behaviour aggressive, passive and assertive.

Aggressive behaviour refers to an action that is either threatening or designed to belittle someone else. For a short while aggresive beaviour can lead to a sense of power and the release of pent-up emotions. In the long term however it can lead to feelings of guilt, blame and even ill health.

Passive behaviour refers to feelings of self pity, saying sorry too much, being overly shy and putting others’ needs first. Initially you may feel like a martyr and receive praise from others. In the long term being too passive can lead to stress, resentment and frustration.

Assertive behaviour involves speaking up for oneself and expressing our feelings in an appropriate manner. It recognises the importance of the rights of others as well as oneself. When one is assertive their is a sense of being balanced which leads strength and confidence.

So, how do we become more assertive and self confident? Gaining self confidence for most of us takes practice. We may have a history of put downs and belittlements but it’s never too late to become more self confident. Take your power back

Who do you give your power away to?

Regrets about the past, guilt and worrying over things lead to feelings of powerlessness. No one can take your power away from you without your consent. We offer you the chance to do something positive. We will show you simple techniques to practice at home on a daily basis to enhance our therapy sessions together.