eft brighton john blosseHello, my name is John Blosse I am an experienced AAMET and AMT qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapist and master practitioner living in Brighton, East Sussex. I also hold therapist certified qualifications in Matrix Reimprinting and Emotrance (Emotional Transformation).

As well as course and workshop facilitation, I have trained with renowned EFT Masters Gwyneth Moss, Judy Byrne and Karl Dawson as well as the highly respected therapist, lecturer and author Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

What to expect in an EFT session

I have supported clients through a variety of issues to allow them to reach emotional healing.

EFT works at cellular level and in a therapy session we will work with your issues and the emotions behind them. Working on emotions allows us to stay clear of the logical minefield. Our logical mind is aware of a tiny proportion of  information per second compared to our subconscious mind which really runs the show. Our logical mind allows us to the see the world from an ants point of view!

I won’t ask you to tell me your whole life story and we will work together on your issues. You know yourself better than anyone else so all I can do is feedback and offer support as you work on how you feel.

I believe that the universe heals and I like to work with this intention in mind. You will do most of the work at home, between sessions. You will be amazed at how quickly you reach emotional freedom and naturally acquire a more positive outlook.