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When is the best time for New Year resolutions?

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Janus Roman God of New YearDo you make New Year resolutions? If so, do they work for you? Is the New Year as we celebrate it – in January – really the best time for making new commitments?

“People do it all wrong,” says Robert Butterworth PHD, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. “The worst time to make New Year’s resolutions is on New Year’s Eve. We’re exhausted after the holidays. We’re stressed out. The weather is bad.”

It was only quite recently that January 1st became the first day of the year in our Western culture, after the Gregorian calendar came into effect in 1752.

The month of January was originally named by the Romans (after Janusthe god of New Year). Janus had two faces: one looked back on the past the other into the future. The Romans worshipped him as a symbol of endings and new beginnings. (more…)