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How Do The Healing Codes Work?

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

I’m amazed at how effective The Healing Codes¬†are at clearing destructive cellular memories. When I use the therapy technique on myself I can literally feel the issue I’m working on dissolving. I haven’t had that feeling since I received a Soul Retrieval from my shamanic friend and healer, Sarah.¬†Clients here in Brighton are reporting good results and enjoy the combination of EFT and The Healing Codes. So, how do The Healing Codes work?

How the Healing Codes work

The Healing Codes change destructive energy frequencies to healthier ones. Dr. Ben Johnson, co-author of The Healing Codes explains that once he was on a flight in the USA. He began noticing all the noises that surrounded him and felt stress. When he put noise cancelling head phones on the noise went away and the stress stopped. (more…)