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to the opportunity to view your issues in a different way.

We offer EFT, Ho'oponopono and Light Therapy in a unique combination for inner healing.

The world you see each day is a reflection of your inner self. Using EFT and the other techniques from this website you will learn to connect to your true feelings and begin to understand the impact those feelings are having on your life.

Every problem that impacts your life is a creation of your subconscious mind. It stands to reason that if you go 'inside' the problem i.e. work with your emotions, you will allow for a different perspective.

EFT and Ho’oponopono the perfect combination for healing any issue

We react to the events and people in our lives all time. When we say ‘I’m sorry for whatever I did to cause this reaction within me, ‘please forgive me my part or my ancestors part in it’, we allow ourselves to break free. The events eventually stop impacting our lives and we begin to see people in a different light. We are not saying sorry for something another person may have done to us only for the energy that recreates the memory.




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